about me

Born in Liechtenstein, living in Potsdam, driven by moving stories who stay unconventional.

As an Editor-in-chief I was head of the online department of UFA Fiction, Germany's market leader in film and TV production. In this function I developed fictional and non-fictional webcontent for various AAA-productions and broadcaster including "Deutschland 83/86", "Ku’damm 56/59" or “Charité".


Since 2018 I work as a independent writer, screenwriter and editor. I wrote webisodes for ZDF, TV-crime episodes for SAT.1 and I am currently working on a sci-fi audio book series for Audible. Also I develops my own projects like a funded dramedy miniseries about my ultra-conservative homeland Liechtenstein AKA sixth-smallest micro state, ruled by self-proclaimed gods and princes (male, plural).


My first feature screenplay was nominated for the German Animation Screenplay Award in 2018 and two of my current series concepts received a screenwriting grant and film funding.


As an Expert for Animation (with an academic degree in animation and digital art) I worked for various publications and organisations and helped getting the online magazine ANIch (Animationsfilme.ch) off the ground. ANIch quickly developed into the biggest German information source around all things Animation.


My work as a Digital Artist can be seen in movies like  Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe (UFA Cinema) or Must Love Death (Pandastorm Pictures) and here.

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